Write for Us

If you would like your contribution (reports, research papers, briefings, new ideas, policy recommendations, etc.) to be published in PİTGEM, please send it to the contact address below.

Please note that submissions must not have already been published in other media/platforms. By submitting to PİTGEM, you confirm that they have not yet been published or are under review in other media/platforms.

As far as the editorial review is concerned, submissions will be blind-reviewed by the relevant independent editor, the editor-in-chief, and the editorial board. If deemed necessary, blind peer review is conceivable.

You may submit your written material in Turkish or English. If approved, it will be translated into Turkish and published. An abstract must be included on the first page. You can also submit the visual and audio material you wish to use with your contribution.

The legal responsibility for the published material lies solely with the author of the text. All rights to the publication belong to PİTGEM. It may not be quoted, copied or used without proper attribution. The publications do not reflect the institutional opinion of PİGTEM or the persons involved in the review and cannot be construed as an endorsement of the content.

Please observe the following rules to facilitate a review;

  1. All articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman font, 12 pt, justified, and 1.5 line spacing)
  2. The main title of the article should be in 16 pt, dark and centered; subtitles should be in 14 pt, dark and justified. The first letters of the words in the main title and subheadings should be written in capital letters, the other letters in lower case.
  3. Footnotes should be set in Times New Roman font, 10 pt, justified, and 1 line spacing. The bibliography should be set in Times New Roman font, 11 pt, justified, and 1 line spacing. The indication of page numbers in the middle of the lower margin is obligatory. Paragraph indents should not be used.
  4. The first and last name(s) of the author(s) should be below the main heading, in bold and left-aligned. The first letter of the author’s name should be in upper case, the other letters in lower case, and the surname in upper case.
  5. The contribution should include a summary. Make sure that the text is not longer than 300 words. The summary should be submitted under the main heading “SUMMARY” (Times New Roman font, 14 pt, bold, all letters capitalized and centred). The content should also be in Times New Roman font, 11 pt, and aligned with 1 line spacing. It can be submitted as a separate Word file or as a section under the main title and the author’s name/last name.
  6. Authors must provide references for the chapters they use directly from other sources. In cases of copyright abuse or plagiarism, the responsibility lies solely with the author.
  7. PİTGEM does not require a specific citation rule or strict bibliography format. However, authors must select and apply one of the common/known citation rules.

For submission: editor@pitgem.org