The Centre for Policy, Innovation, Design, and Progress (PİTGEM)

Ümit Sönmez


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE),
United Kingdom

Diğdem Soyaltın Colella

Vice President

Assoc. Prof., University of Aberdeen,

Başak Zeynep Alpan

Head of Foreign Affairs Department

Assoc. Prof., Middle East Technical University (METU),

Umut Rıza Özkan


Assoc. Prof., University of Montreal,

Zeynep Korkmaz


Department of Political Science, Ankara University,

Emre Dalgıç

Project Manager

MBP School of Coaches,

Canan Ermiş

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University,

Hilal Erdoğan

Administrative Assistant

Faculty of Engineering, Middle East Technical University (METU),

Kaan Arslan

Website Editor

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Middle East Technical University (METU),

The Centre for Policy, Innovation, Design, and Progress (PİTGEM) consists of academics, scientists, political party employees, bureaucrats working in central and local administrative structures, elected or appointed public officials working in local governments, experts, professionals working in private or public sector, local and foreign experts working in national and international organizations, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. In order to integrate theory and practice, and to involve everyone from individuals engaged in the official formulation and implementation of public policies to all social institutions, individuals and groups who wish to influence these policies, a particular priority has been given to the creation of a comprehensive founding staff and a structure to support them as guests.

PİTGEM Corporate Note: The Centre for Policy, Innovation, Design, and Progress (PİTGEM) is completely independent and has no organic ties with any institution/organization/legal entity. There is no organic connection between the institutional duties of PİTGEM staff and their duties in other institutions they work in, and no association is possible. Due to this sensitivity, for some of the individuals working in PİTGEM, only their last graduated or current educational institutions are included as external information other than their status in PİTGEM.